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Do you know what 'MR', 'M+', and 'MC' do? You are not weired. There are lots more people in the world who do not know the difference between 'CE' and 'C'.
Dragcal was made for those people who just want to simply calculate. (including me – the coordinator)
A powerful feature which allows you to save and use numerical formulas and results by drag & drop. In addition to that, it also provides 'LeftHandMode' for left-handed users.

– 4 slots in total for saving numerical formulas and results.
– Virtual keys are located familiarly just like NumPad. 
– supports both right-handed and left-handed. 
– Snap mode supporting all features

A feature to print the results or save them as a file is planned to be added in the next major update. You will need a pen and paper before the update.Drag & Drop feature to other application in snap mode is what most people desire (excluding the developers), and it is now on testing. Very sadly, 'share results via Facebook' feature is excluded.

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